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Miracle from Texas



from Texas

Miracle is a bubbly, bold, and energetic child. She has an outgoing and friendly personality. Miracle can be easily distracted at times. She can be a very helpful and sweet child. Miracle is a "girly-girl" who loves bows and dresses. She also enjoys getting to go shopping. Her performance and behavior at school is great and she works hard on doing a good job. She enjoys working on crafts or drawing, and she was involved in the STEM program at school when it was offered. Her favorite subject in school is reading. Miracle enjoys playing with other children more than playing by herself. Miracle plays well with other children younger and older than her. She likes playing with her dolls, playing outside, watching movies, and video games.

Miracle and Santiago are a pair of close siblings who get along very well with each other. Miracle takes her role of being the older sister seriously and sometimes wants to be the boss. Both siblings are protective of each other. Miracle and Santiago enjoy playing with each other and have some of the same actives and hobbies in common. They enjoy playing board games and video games together in addition to playing outside sports together like Frisbee and soccer. They do not have a preference on playing outside or inside, as long as it is a game they agree on. Sometimes, like any siblings, they disagree over a game or who's turn it is but are easily redirected and are not upset with each other for long. Every night before bed, both siblings have a routine of making sure to hug one another goodnight.

Miracle will benefit from a patient, caring, and understanding family who can provide structure, boundaries, and affection. She will do well in either a one or two parent home. Miracle does well with other children in the home. Her family will need to access ongoing supportive services to help Miracle transition into her forever family.

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