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Montana from Texas



from Texas

Montana is very sociable and tends to make friends easily. She is working on choosing friends who make good decisions more frequently than not. Montana is currently working on learning appropriate boundaries and being able to respond appropriately to emotions when she feels upset. She likes to read and draw, as this helps when she needs to take her mind off things. Montana also enjoys chemistry and theater class in school. Her favorite food is pizza. In her own words: "I am a very likable person who is able to get along with everyone. I am an outgoing, positive, and a chill person." Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Montana needs a family who will provide a safe, stable, and nurturing environment. They will provide plenty of structure in the home, as well as in the school setting. Montana benefits tremendously from a highly structured environment with patient parents who are able to redirect appropriately for her age. Montana will do well in a two parent home with parents who understand that she will try to test boundaries.

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