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Nakisha from Texas



from Texas

Nakisha is a sweet, shy, and caring girl. She is coming out of her shell, building confidence in herself to have fun and be open to a new family. Nakisha is a good big sister who is patient with young kids. She enjoys arts and crafts, dancing, and singing along to music in the car. Nakisha does great in school and gets along well with peers and her teachers. Nakisha walks away from peers who are rude to her and acknowledges when she makes a bad decision. She always likes to do the right thing. Nakisha has a loving personality and a great attitude about life. She is thoughtful and is becoming more outgoing with others.

Nakisha and Jesus look forward to finding their forever home together. The siblings enjoy listening to music and watching movies. Nakisha and Jesus honestly admit that, like many siblings, on occasion they argue and do not get along. However, these siblings love each other, show affection towards one another, and desire to be adopted together. Both children are able to take time to themselves or talk through their differences when they are upset. These two have different, unique interests and opinions. Nakisha is shy and Jesus is more outgoing. Jesus loves to be outside, while Nakisha prefers to do things inside the home. These siblings enjoy going out as a family to parks, restaurants, and shopping. They love and care for each other and want the best for one other.

Nakisha desires to be adopted with her younger brother. She wants to feel loved, secure, and be a part of a loving, patient family. Nakisha needs a family who will be kind and supportive. Her family will offer guidance, supervision, and ensure she knows she is wanted and safe. Her forever family will need to help her to explore her gifts and talents to become confident in herself so she can reach her full potential. Most of all, her family will understand her need to feel secure and help her feel like part of the family.

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