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Natalie from Texas



from Texas

Natalie is a child who enjoys playing in dress up clothes and playing outside on the playground with her siblings. She is shy at first but will greet everyone with a smile. Once she warms up, she enjoys talking and being active. Natalie looks up to her older sister and enjoys receiving attention from her sister as well. Natalie is a helper and has a caring spirit towards her baby sister. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys playing board games, sliding at the park, and playing energetic games such as hide and seek with her friends. Natalie has an outgoing spirit and is social with her siblings and peers. She sometimes needs positive encouragement to be independent away from her siblings. Natalie can have difficulty following directions and needs positive redirection to ensure she is completing what has been asked of her to do. Natalie enjoys swinging, playing on the tight rope, and the toy parachute in her gym class.

Alma, Jessica, and Natalie enjoy spending time with each other by participating in outdoor activities such as riding bikes, swinging, and playing games. Jessica is the oldest of the siblings and is the leader and self-starter of her sibling group. Jessica is very protective and caring towards her siblings. She enjoys reading books in her spare time. Jessica is smart and outgoing. Natalie is the middle child of her sibling group. She depends on her older sister Jessica for direction and encouragement. Natalie enjoys doing everything her older sister does. She is caring and nurturing towards her baby sister Alma. Natalie is active and playful. Alma is the baby of the sibling group. She craves and enjoys attention from both her siblings. Alma is independent when she is away from her siblings but enjoys receiving help when they are around. She enjoys coloring, playing on the playground set, and meeting new friends her age. Alma is sweet and helpful.

Natalie will benefit from a nurturing and encouraging family who can provide her with lots of positive reinforcement and affection. It is beneficial for Natalie to continue to participate in supportive services. She needs a family who provides clear expectations and patience. Natalie has two siblings who will be placed with her. A family who is willing to take all three children and show them individual and group attention is needed. Natalie needs a family who will introduce her to new things while still preserving her culture. A family that allows Natalie the opportunity to engage in educational tutoring and extra-curricular activities is beneficial. Natalie would benefit from parents who will encourage her to do things independently but still provide supervision and support. A structured family who is consistent with their expectations is beneficial. Natalie can be placed with other children who are already residing in the home. There is no preference is the child is the youngest or the oldest in the home.

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