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Ra'shoun from Texas



from Texas

Ra'Shoun is a very talkative, caring, and energetic little guy. He is very friendly and doesn't take long to warm up to people. He likes to talk about specific events, memories, and special moments from his past. Through his interactions, he often gets very attached to people he meets and cherishes those bonds. He is very sensitive and has a big heart. He loves to play outdoors and play video games. Ra'Shoun's favorite video game is Roblox. He also enjoys tablet time and will find a specific game that he enjoys and want play anything else. He plays well with others but doesn't mind enjoying his own company. He also has a dynamite memory and will often remember specific dates, times, events, and people. For a small guy, Ra'Shoun has a huge appetite and loves to eat Cheeseburgers.

Ra'Shoun's forever family will provide a loving, nurturing, and structured living environment for him. His family will offer guidance, patience, and understanding for all of Ra'Shoun's needs. His family will be committed to him for the rest of his life. Ra'Shoun is excited about being apart of a forever family and has expressed an eagerness to meet them.

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