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Richard from Texas



from Texas

Richard has been described as a "big cuddly teddy bear." He is a very sensitive kid who likes to please people. Richard can also be very helpful around the house. He does need to be reminded of things he needs to do and does better with small lists of things to do. Richard likes to play outside. He likes lizards and to go swimming. He also likes to play football and build with Legos. He likes to play video games when occupying himself indoors. He is close to his brother. This relationship is very important to him. He is in assistance at school to help him be successful but he still struggles with learning at times.

Richard and Jessie are two peas in a pod. They both love to play with Legos and build lots of huge and neat things with them. They both like to look for lizards outside and generally like to do anything outdoors, like swimming, basketball, and football. Richard and Jessie have also developed a liking for fishing. They have become real outdoorsmen! Although they love the outdoors, they also have interests in things indoors as well. Richard and Jessie love to play video games together. They are very close to each other and they have a strong bond. They defend each other and protect each other. They also need their space and time alone as well.

The family who adopts Jesse and Richard needs to be very structured as they do better with routine. The ideal family will be patient and allow the boys time to adjust and become comfortable. The boys will do well with a family who shows that they love the boys both equally and individually.