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Richelle from Texas



from Texas

Richelle is a very smart and sweet little girl. She is shy at first but opens up quickly and is talkative and outgoing. Richelle loves outdoors activities such as going to the beach, exploring the closest zoo, or walking around the mall. She loves shopping, arts & crafts, board games, painting her nails or playing games on her tablet. She also enjoys staying home and having a bar-b-que, having friends over and watching movies. She loves anything Disney, especially Disney princesses. Richelle loves to take photos on her little polaroid camera. Some of her favorite foods are breakfast waffles, chicken tenders, or pepperoni pizza. Richelle is open to trying new foods and enjoys helping to cook. She also enjoys school and learning new things. Richelle likes to listen to music, as well as dance and sing. She has always wanted a cat or a dog but loves anything fluffy!

Richard and Richelle are smart, caring, sweet and active children. Richard is a social butterfly and is very friendly whereas Richelle is shy at first but opens up quickly to new people showing how talkative and outgoing she is. They both love to go swimming during the summer, especially at the beach. They enjoy spending time on the beach building sandcastles and searching for seashells. They enjoy outdoor activities such as riding bikes and playing at the park. Richard enjoys playing soccer or football with friends and playing video games. Richelle also likes to play soccer and play with her friends. They both love an assortment of food. Richelle and Richard get along very well together and love spending time with each other. They have similar interest in movies, food, and activities. They have a strong sibling bond and are excited for their future.

Richelle's forever family will be one that loves to do family activities and spend time outside. Her family will be structured, patient, understanding and supportive. She will thrive in a two-parent household that can meet all her needs and offer her all the love and support they can.

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