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Rogelio from Texas



from Texas

Rogelio, who prefers to be called Roger, is a quiet, young boy who may appear shy when you first meet him. Once he becomes comfortable with you, he is more apt to engage in conversation. He will benefit from a strong role model who can assist him in boosting his self-confidence. Roger enjoys listening to music before bed to help him relax. He also enjoys playing sports, such as basketball and football. He has indicated that he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. Roger takes pride in his appearance and likes getting his hair cut, and picking out new clothes. Roger has expressed an interest in learning to box. He benefits from receiving guidance on how to appropriately express his feelings when he becomes overwhelmed. Roger uses his coping skills, such as walking away from a situation, when he feels upset or needs a timeout. On occasion, he needs verbal reminders to use these coping skills when he is upset. Roger responds well to a reward based behavior system. Roger thrives off of verbal recognition and praise for a job well done. Roger receives accommodations at school to help him reach his full potential. Roger has a huge heart and is ready for his forever family.

Valerie, Roger, Martha, and Jose are tightly bonded to one another. They share a typical sibling relationship where there is sibling rivalry at times, however, they deeply love and care about one another. In addition to their close bond, they are close in age with just four years between the oldest and youngest. Valerie is the big sister of the group, while Jose is the youngest. Rogelio and Martha are in the middle. Each child is unique and has a lot of love to offer. Valerie's favorite subject is art and she enjoys coloring and drawing. Rogelio is an avid basketball player and loves Latin music. Jose is an active child who enjoys playing outdoors. He hopes to be a policeman when he grows up. Martha is sweet-natured and likes anything related to Disney Princesses. She has a soft spot for animals and wishes to be a veterinarian when she grows up. These children are ready to make memories with their new family.

Roger will benefit from a home that is experienced with parenting. It is important for Roger to be adopted along with his siblings. Roger needs a home that can offer him a secure and stable environment. as well as love and affection. Most of all, Roger needs a family who is willing to understand and be a support to him.

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