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Sa'vion from Texas



from Texas

Sa'vion is a very sweet and chivalrous young boy. He enjoys building things with his Legos, playing with his toy robots, and lending a helping hand. Sa'vion has a younger sibling, who is not a part of this adoption, that he does well with and enjoys being a big brother. He also prides himself in helping out at his local barbershop where he can earn allowances. Sa'vion is very sensitive and want others to be fair with him. He can communicate facts that cause him to become frustrated and is able to calm down on his own. Sa'vion responds well to positive reinforcement, redirection, and a patient tone. On a nice day, you will find him playing outside at the park blowing bubbles in the wind. Sa'vion has big dreams of building his very own robot one day!

Sa'vion will benefit from a two-parent family with small or no children. His family will give him positive reinforcement, redirection, and be patient. Sa'vion will thrive in a family who will provide structure, consistency, and unconditional love.

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