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Sylvia from Texas



from Texas

Sylvia is a sassy young lady. She is a very nurturing and loving young lady. She enjoys spending time with her siblings and watching YouTube videos. She like participating in the Karate camp that she attends on breaks and in the summer. She also enjoys making silly videos with her friends. Sylvia is outgoing and like trying new things. She likes learning new recipes and trying them out on the family. She likes going to church on Sundays and enjoying family dinner afterwards. She likes to stay up with the latest styles. Going to the mall with her friends is one of her favorite pass times. She is interested in cosmetology. She is always playing and doing something different to her hair. She is taking dance classes at school. She plans on being on the dance team next year.

Like other families, siblings play very unique roles in each other's lives. They love each other and are supportive of one another. They show affection, encouragement, support, comfort and friendship to one another. The siblings are very protective of each other. Sometimes, they have sibling disagreements but can work it out. Big family dinners is something that the siblings will benefit from. Also have one on one time with each parent would be great for the siblings. Sylvia is eager to get a job. Her goal was set back due to the pandemic. She wants to gain her own independence and earn her own money. She is protective of her siblings. Rickey is very creative. He does all the drawing in the family. He likes to draw cartoon characters on shirts. He is very thoughtful. Rickey enjoys talking sports with his brother and sharing skills. Robert enjoys playing sports like Rickey. He is a die-hard Texans fan. He is the joker of the group. He also keeps them updated on the latest dances. Rikki is the baby of the crew. She wants her way all of the time. She is also the peace maker of the group. She does not like when they get into disagreements. Rikki is really good a braiding hair. She wants to take cosmetology when she gets in high school. Sylvia is the oldest and try to keep everyone in line. Sylvia likes to show them the latest dance moves. Rickey is the 2nd oldest and sits back and watch everyone. Robert is the comedian of the group. He is always cracking jokes and dancing. Rikki is the baby of the group. She is spoiled by Rickey and Sylvia. She likes for things to go her way.

Syliva will need an active and patient family that enjoys cooking and watching movies. She will benefit from a family that will encourage her to express herself and that will all her space to develop her own personalities and interests. She will need a stable and consistent family with realistic solutions. She will benefit from a family that attends church regularly. She enjoys family time. Family outings and time together will be good for her.

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