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Vincent from Texas



from Texas

Vincent is a vocal and outspoken child. He instantly feels comfortable expressing his feelings and concerns. Vincent enjoys being the center of attention. He is friendly and polite towards adults. He is eager to please and wants to prove his abilities. Vincent sometimes has difficulty following directions, and has to be reminded to complete tasks. He plays well by himself, but prefers to play with his peers. He can sometimes be challenging with his peers, and wants to be in charge of making the rules. At times, Vincent may become sensitive and emotional. Vincent enjoys staying active. He prefers being outdoors, playing basketball and other games, or swimming in the outdoor pool. When indoors, Vincent enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and reading books. On Sundays, Vincent likes to attend a local church service. He likes participating in choir and other church activities. In school, his favorite subjects are math and reading, as well as social studies. He enjoys a variety of foods, but his favorite foods are Mexican, Chinese, and seafood.

Vincent will do well with a parent who is structured and keeps a regular routine. Since Vincent craves attention a home with older siblings would be ideal, as long they want a younger sibling. Whatever the home make-up, it should be highly structured and supportive. His parents will set consistent rules in the home, and reinforce Vincent's positive behaviors with praise. Vincent responds best to routine and stability. He would like his family to be active in a community church.

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