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Xzavier from Texas



from Texas

Xzavier is described as being a typical fun-loving teen boy. He has a fun easy-going personality. He is adventurous, loyal, kind to his friends, creative (especially at play), and rough and tumble. He has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh and make jokes. He likes to bowl, play with Legos, and watch movies. He can be rambunctious, especially when he is excited about something. He loves to play outside, ride bicycles, and play basketball. He has many good qualities and would love to be adopted into a fun family with brothers and sisters and lots of room to play outside. He has a lot of love to share with a family who is willing to accept him into their hearts and their home.

Xzavier will do best in a home with both a mother and father present. He dreams of having brothers and sisters to play with. A family who lives in the country or a rural community where he can explore outside would be ideal. Xzavier will need a lot of room to play outside and have fun. An affectionate family who is not shy about giving positive praise and showing their affection would be a perfect fit for Xzavier. His forever family will be loving and willing to guide him into adulthood.

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