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Zarien from Texas



from Texas

Zarien is an adorable and content young boy with a calm and peaceful disposition. He enjoys being soothed and made comfortable at all times. Zarien can be timid at first if he does not know you, but after a few encounters he warms up to being around new someone. He enjoys looking up at the ceiling to watch overhead lighting of different colors. His favorite colors are red and orange. This is a very soothing experience for him, which eventually puts him to sleep. Zarien also really enjoys bath time. He loves to splash while he is taking a bath. Zarien is a non-verbal, however when he is in discontent he will make a loud noise and give you a frown or a side eye. He does well around other children because he tunes them out and enjoys his own company. Zarien benefits from patience and frequent prompts when he moves to a different activity or when there is a significant change in his schedule. He does best with a structured routine and close supervision at all times. Zarien is an awesome, charming boy with a calm temperament and serene personality.

Zarien will do well with a family who is able to provide a loving, nurturing, and comfortable living environment for him. A family who is able to offer guidance, patience, and understanding to all of Zarien's needs is ideal. He would benefit from a family who specializes in primary medical need children and can provide routine care for him. He will require constant supervision and constant medical care so a family who is equipped to handle his condition will be best. Zarien needs a forever family who will be committed to him for the rest of his life.

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