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Christine from Vermont



from Vermont

Christine is 16 years old. Here's what she would like you to know about her Things that I enjoy: I love all kinds of art. I like to work in many different media, pencil, watercolor, modeling clay, splatter painting, and sculpting. I like to try any kind of material. I enjoy making meditation bottles (bottles with paint glitter and small items in them, kind of like a colored snow globe.) I like to play tetherball. I like to be around animals. I like all kinds of animals. I like breads and grains, and I will eat sauce-less pizza. I do not like meat or vegetables. Things I don’t enjoy: I do not like being around a lot of people. I don’t like any loud noises. People sneezing, dropping something, even when I know about it, it scares me. I don’t like thunderstorms. What I want in a family I would like to be the only child or the middle child, with older and younger children in the family. I want to live in the country, and my family must like pets. I would like a family that eats little or no meat. I would like someone who likes art and doing arts and crafts at home. What we want families to know about her I am upbeat and fun. I like to cook. I love spending time with friends and going shopping and out to eat. What we are seeking in family for Teia Christine is a very shy, sweet, young woman who has a love for art in all its forms and is artistically talented in several different media. Christine has suffered trauma in her young life. All families will be considered as an option for Christine. Identifying a home that could develop a relationship with her while she is in her current placement could definitely make a transition to the right family easier and less intimidating to Christine. Having an identified family who is actively participating in her life could be the spark to help bring her out of her shell. A family willing to be an active participant in her therapeutic needs is necessary. For more information, please contact Mark Simino at 802-379-0586 or

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