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Sam from Vermont



from Vermont

Sam, 16 Here's what she would like you to know about her. Sam’s favorite activities: Exercise, sports, fitness, skiing and soccer. Sam loves outdoor activities and being active. Sam’s favorite foods: She likes a variety of foods. She likes healthy food to help her stay fit. Things Sam does not like: Sam does not like to be yelled at or when people yell around her. She does not like it when people try to push their religious beliefs and practices on to her. Sam likes to have appropriate boundaries and will be able to talk with family about those boundaries. What we want you to know about Sam: Sam is a talkative, well spoken girl. She loves to be active and hopes to participate in sports and outdoor activities with her family and peers. She would like to maintain contact with her siblings and certain extended family members. She wants parents who will trust her as they get to know her. Continued therapy is important as she struggles emotionally at times. What we are seeking in a family for Sam: • A nurturing family. • A family that understands childhood trauma or is willing to learn. • Someone who can help her develop self esteem and coping skills. • Parents who are willing to attend ongoing therapy with her if needed. • A committed family who will support and guide her through the ups and downs of the teen years. If you are interested in opening your home to Sam: Please contact Heather A Simmons at or 802-324-0939