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Carlos from Virginia



from Virginia

Carlos is an energetic, charming, intelligent, witty, and active young man. He has wide-ranging interests. Carlos enjoys sketching, drawing and creating detailed anime characters and playing football, basketball and video games. He also likes reading children’s novel series, creative writing, and collecting and playing with Beyblades and building extensive Lego projects. He loves outside exploration, nature walks, fishing, swimming, and kneeboarding. Carlos loves animals, especially dogs and rabbits. He likes assisting his foster mother in caring for her classroom rabbit. Carlos enjoys school and sports gets along well with his classmates and peers. He successfully transitioned to and completed his first year in middle school. Carlos is excitedly looking forward to his second year in middle school. He is a member of his middle school’s football and anime club. Carlos enjoys numerous activities at his summer day camp and before and after school program. Carlos is planning for his future and aspires to attend college and becoming a children’s book author.
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