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Deandre from Virginia



from Virginia

Deandre states that when he wakes up each day he says, "I am going to have a good day" and will focus on that or whatever the task maybe (i.e., kindness, not fighting). He attends karate twice a week and has earned his yellow belt. Deandre has also earned his citizenship patch and three other patches out of the 12 required in karate in order to obtain a black belt. He works really hard in karate and is striving to be a leader and not a follower.

Deandre also like planes and has an interest in becoming a pilot. He is participating in an Aeronautics Junior Program and has gotten to go on a tour of the facility. Deandre talks a lot about wanting to become an Astronaut when he gets older. He has many ambitions and dreams. Deandre is very well mannered. He wants a forever home that he can be welcomed into and that will love him.