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Diamond from Virginia



from Virginia

Diamond is very friendly and she has great communication skills. Diamond is very determined and knows what she wants. Diamond is a very bright young lady who has great dreams and aspirations for herself. She plans on going to college after she graduates high school. Diamond’s dream school is Howard University. Diamond takes pride in her schoolwork and she attempts to do her best. Diamond loves attending family gathers and she would like to find a family that enjoys spending time together. Additionally, Diamond enjoys helping others and she likes to see the positive affects her help can bring to others. Diamond loves to listen to music and coloring. Recently, Diamond has begun to learn new crafting skills. She enjoys making t-shirts and party décor. In her spare time, Diamond enjoys shopping and getting her nails done. Diamond has great money management skills and she is very good at saving money. She has aspirations of obtaining employment and wants to be able to make her own money.
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