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Fusion from Virginia



from Virginia

Fusion is a 12 year old female. She has a vibrant spirit and is very friendly towards all those she meets. Fusion is quite energetic and loves playing outside. She also loves animals, especially horses. Fusion enjoys celebrating Holidays and her favorite holiday is Halloween. She also loves watching movies and Youtube videos. Her favorite movie is Aladdin. Fusion currently participates in cheerleading but she also loves gymnastics and yoga. These activities provide a great outlet for her boundless energy. Fusion loves a good story. She is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and does an awesome impression of Hermione. She is very animated, loves to laugh, and also has a great sense of humor. Fusion is caring and thoughtful. She has the ability to empathize with others, which is one of her great gifts! She would do best in a home where there is structure and routine but also nurturing. Do not hesitate to make Fusion a part of your forever home!
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