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Gabriella from Virginia



from Virginia

Omar and Gabriella are extremely close twin siblings. The love they share is strong and not easily broken. Omar is very polite, caring, and easy to get along with. Omar has a quick wit that will keep you laughing! Omar is a charming young man that likes to build positive relationships. Omar needs a family that is willing to provide him a right balance between nurture and structure. He likes to stay busy, especially with outdoor activities such has fishing. Omar has recently obtained a job and is very dedicated with making sure he does his very best. Omar has saved the money he earns and has been able to buy things independently. This has given Omar confidence that he can do anything he wants if he works hard for it. Gabriella has a big heart and values the importance of family values, especially doing activities together as a family. She is artistic and so she enjoys makeup and painting. Gabriella is clever, has an affectionate personality, and enjoys the company of others. Gabriella is in tune with her surrounds and can be passionate about things she believes in. She works hard in school to earn her good grades. She has an affinity for feline friends. Omar and Gabriella would like to continue their relationship with their younger siblings. These talented siblings need a family that can model and be a positive influence in their lives, as well as provide structure, consistency and stability.