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Jasmine from Virginia



from Virginia

Julianne is a loving young girl who is creative and loves to draw. She is girly girl who loves to get dressed up but doesn't mind digging in the dirt outdoors. Julianne is polite and respectful towards others. She enjoys spending time at the beach, amusement parks and water parks. She loves to take trips and was very excited to take her first plane trip last summer. She also loves animals! Julianne plays soccer and has taken dance classes. Julianne enjoys school (except homework of course!). She has made great strides in school and has come to love reading. She is very proud of herself when she does well on tests. Julianne is protective of her younger sister and is always encouraging her to make good choices. Julianne consistently makes an effort to be helpful, whether it be assisting with chores around the house or picking up sticks in the yard. Jasmine can be very sweet and wants to be loved. She always wants to be the center of attention. Jasmine plays soccer and has also been in a dance class. She loves to cuddle! Jasmine enjoys movie nights spent with family. She loves the beach whether she is playing in the water or in the sand. Jasmine likes to pick out her own clothes and does a pretty good job of putting together an outfit. She likes to play outdoors and is not afraid of much. She looks up to her older sister who has been a great influence on her.