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Jozalyn from Virginia



from Virginia

Jozalyn is a sweet, creative, outgoing girl that loves to be active! She loves playing soccer and basketball, swimming, going to the beach, doing arts and crafts, watching movies, going out to eat, and doing gymnastics. She is also involved with an inspirational running program and enjoys participating in activities through her church and having sleep overs with her friends. Jozalyn typically makes good grades in school and is a part of the school chorus. She loves animals and would like to have a pet one day. She enjoys playing with all types of animals, especially dogs, kittens, and farm animals. Jozalyn has three younger who living in Virginia, and she would like to be able to maintain contact with her sisters and former foster mother, so a family that would be supportive of regular contact is needed. Jozalyn will do best with a patient, nurturing family that can also provide high levels of structure and supervision.