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Wendy from Virginia



from Virginia

Wendy is a 17 year old female and enjoys skateboarding, reading, playing video games, drawing .and kick boxing. Wendy is engaging and is a friendly person. Wendy is respectful and protective over her siblings. Wendy can be helpful around the house, and in keeping her room clean. Wendy is able to take direction without multiple prompts. Wendy enjoys taking walks. Wendy is very social and talks a lot in social settings. Wendy has shown that she is able to show respect and be polite to people, even in unfamiliar settings. Wendy reports that her favorite thing to do outside is skateboard. Her favorite book is Beautiful Creatures. She enjoys drawing with colored pencils. Her favorite sport is boxing and her favorite professional team is the Eagles. If she could visit anywhere she would like to visit the Philippines because she says its beautiful, she would like to go to the beach. She states that she plans to go to college for welding. Wendy reports that she likes just enjoys being with her biological siblings.