Pope Francis has announced that he will be visiting Philadelphia in September of 2015 for the World Meeting of Families.  Discussion topics are already set and they include addressing infertility.

While addressing attendees at the Complementarity of Man and Women Conference at the Vatican this month, the Pope announced his plans to visit the United States.

The last public address by a Pope regarding infertility was in 2012 when Pope Benedict spoke to members of the Pontifical Academy for Life.  As reported by the Vatican Network, Pope Benedict offered solace to couples suffering from infertility.  He said, “So I would like to remind the couples who are experiencing the condition of infertility, that their vocation to marriage is no less because of this. Spouses, for their own baptismal and marriage vocation, are called to cooperate with God in the creation of a new humanity. The vocation to love, in fact, is a vocation to the gift of self and this is a possibility that no organic condition can prevent. There, where science has not yet found an answer, the answer that gives light comes from Christ.”  In this same address, Pope Benedict urged infertile couples to avoid “the lure of the technology of artificial insemination.”

Photo Credit: neneo / Shutterstock.com