Post-Placement Survival Guide For Birth Mothers

This for the days after the hardest day of your life.

Alysia Foote November 05, 2016

Placement day feels like it may be the hardest day of your life. So many emotions happen as you prepare yourself for the hardest days of your life. Every moment you have a new fear, a new emotion, and a new understanding of being a mother. What is to follow in the upcoming days, weeks and months is “surviving the first year.” Here are some self care and survival tips from fellow birth moms.

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Alysia Foote

Alysia is married to her high school sweetheart and they parent four children together. She enjoys taking road trips and loves cooking anything that is fresh and beautiful. She is a birth mother with an open adoption.Her adoption journey is hard, but the lessons learned and people met through placement are irreplaceable, and she loves adoption, which creates a family for everyone involved.

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