The Quality Improvement Center for Adoption & Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIA/AG) is a five-year project whose purpose is to help “achieve long-term, stable permanency in adoptive and guardianship homes for waiting children as well as children and families after adoption or guardianship has been finalized.”

To help them accomplish their goal, project developers have created a searchable catalog which provides listings of nearly 150 interventions and programs to help with pre- and-post adoption parenting and guardianship. These programs are searchable by title, age range, relationship, level of evidence, as well as pre- or post-permanency.

The catalog is focused on listing and describing interventions that have either already proven to work with, or could be adapted to work with, two target groups.

The Gladney Center for Adoption describes these groups as follows:

Children with challenging mental health, emotional, or behavioral issues who are awaiting an adoptive or guardianship placement OR children in an identified adoptive or guardianship home whose placement has not led to finalization for a significant period of time.

Children and families who have already finalized the adoption or guardianship. This group includes children who have obtained permanency through private guardianship, private domestic adoptions, and international adoptions.

The catalog is available on the web by clicking here.