The debate surrounding abortion continues on in the United States with full force. This is not an easily resolved issue; there are complexities and nuances that need to be taken into consideration. In all the noise of the debate, however, it’s important that adoption be presented as a viable option for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 

Carrie Murray Nellis and Vicki Colls, founders of Abiding Love Adoptions, were present at the 2018 March for Life. However, they told the Washington Examiner, they appeared to be the only adoption agency present at the march. They were disappointed to be the only ones. 

Carrie stated that she wanted to see more members of the pro-life community providing options to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. “We have failed women. We have failed expectant mothers. We have failed birth mothers,” stated Carrie. “Everything is about the baby. And don’t get me wrong, the baby is important. It’s important to save the baby’s life, but once we do that, and the woman makes a choice for life, all of a sudden, we’re gone. She’s gone. Nobody cares about her, and she’s left there taking care of a child or trying to make important life decisions for her and her child. And we have got to fill that gap.”

She argues that adoption agencies can help fill that gap, allowing women to choose life even if they’re not ready to parent yet, and to do so in an environment that takes her needs into consideration.

Vicki works in their agency as a birth mother advocate and works with expectant mothers who come into their office. She is also an adoptive mother and has open adoptions with her children’s birth families. She wants to show other expectant mothers an adoption plan that allows the birth mother to still be part of the child’s life.

In a recent article on, Stacey, an adoptive mom, and Jaye, a birth mom, shared their story. Stacey adopted Jaye’s baby when Jaye wasn’t ready to parent. They both wanted an open adoption, and now they share a wonderful relationship. Stacy and Jaye state that having the relationship is beneficial for everyone involved, including their son. Stacy said, “One of the best things about open adoption for our family is how our circle has grown beyond our children.” Jaye confided that she wasn’t sure initially if seeing her birth son would make it harder or easier, but that fear ended quickly and she loves that she is able to be present in his life.

Adoption agencies need to have a bigger presence at pro-life events like the March of Life. It is important to disseminate information on the positive impacts of adoption for all parties involved.