Melissa & Jesse

Hoping to Adopt (South Dakota)


Meet Melissa

Melissa's sense of adventure has always been one of my favorite qualities of her's. (Really, who moves to Africa in their 20's to run a medical clinic?!) Whether the adventure is seeing a new place on the other side of the globe or loading the car with the dog & kids for a trip to the cabin, she knows how to make good memories! If I had to describe her in one word, it'd be "caregiver." When she's at work as a nurse practitioner, she's comforting patients and their families during the hardest times of their lives. At home she's making muffins for the kids for the third time this week or reading the kids their favorite book yet again. I'm most thankful for her strong faith that she leans on when times get tough. She learned it from her parents and it's such a blessing watching her pass that down to our kids too!

Meet Jesse

I fell in love with Jesse's smile and kind spirit. He is laid back and can chat with almost anyone. As we have been married for about 9 years, Jesse has offered me countless hugs on our tough days that we have endured together. Jesse is a pilot who not only works hard for the family, but also uses his spare time to find adventure in his hobbies. He enjoys cycling and cross country skiing and loves teaching the kids about these hobbies, or helping them explore something new. Jesse is very proud of the fact that he taught Josiah how to ride a bike without training wheels when he was just 2 years old! Since then the boys have enjoyed short mountain biking adventures together. Jesse also has some musical talent and enjoys playing his guitar and singing songs with the kids.

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