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Shawn & Joe from Pennsylvania

Bubbly TV personality + guitar-strumming Education Exec = Gobs of love, laughter, and exciting world travels!

Jason & Michelle from Virginia

Loving professional couple hoping to welcome a child into our family through adoption. Please call or text: 574-383-9317...


Matthew & Vanessa from Mississippi

Are we the four you've been looking for?

Erica & Jordan from New York

We treasure learning and growth in life, and so look forward to sharing our deep love with a child. visit us at www.eric...

Freda & Victor from New York

We will raise your child to value the importance of being kind to everyone! Call us at 1-800-362-7842

Jeremy & Rebekah from Virginia

"We love being active, spending time with family and friends and cannot wait to adopt and love a child unconditionally...


Braden & Kristen from Missouri

We are very involved parents with a strong sense of adventure!

Kristen & Robert from Virginia

Three + one = love. Text or call (540) 621-3499 to talk to us about your adoption plan.

Joe & Tara from Indiana

We have so much love to give. We welcome you and your child to our family. We hope you are doing well.

Nathan & Rebecca from Utah

We don't know you, and this is crazy...but here's our profile, so call us maybe?

Bryant & Marko from Maryland

Loving a child so fully and completely will be our greatest joy and accomplishment in life!

Jeff & Carrie from Arizona

We have so much love to give and are hoping to grow our young family even more!

Andrea & Dennis from New York

We will shower unconditional love & happiness upon them. Oh, the places we'll go!


Bruce & Aisa from Idaho

Sledding, dance parties, and so much more are to be found here!

Abby & Jeff from California

We are a loving, adventurous and playful couple dreaming of being able to start a family.

Mike & Annica from Utah

Hoping for another child to bring even more joy and happiness to our lives.

Luke & Katie from Idaho

We've had our time to grow as a couple and can't wait to grow as a family!

Amy & Jon from Nebraska

We are a fun couple that is full of love and ready to experience the miracle of Adoption!!! We can't wait to love you a...

Craig & Cali from Idaho

We have a lot of room for love in our home.

Rebecca & Mark from New Jersey

We’re hoping to share the joy of an open adoption with you!


Nate & Lauren from Idaho

Killen & Holly from North Carolina

Family of Four Wanting More

Bianca & John from Texas

Fun-loving and energetic couple, who love to travel, hoping to complete our family through the miracle of adoption.

Wade & Sarah from Utah

We love adventure and are excited for our greatest adventure to start

John & Joel from New York

Global Executive and Fashion Designer looking to Adopt

Rick & Traci from Utah

We are fun loving Disney freaks who are hoping to add another Prince or Princess to our Kingdom through the miracle of a...

Brian & April from Utah

We love camping, traveling and singing at the top of our lungs in the car. We want to know what you love too. We have 3 ...


Joel & Marta from Virginia

Adoption has always been a blessing in our lives. Our family is ready for another addition.

Ryan & Christy from Utah

It doesn't matter how a child comes to us, we will care for them as the special and precious individual they are.

Joseph & Sarah from Idaho

We are a happy, fun, loving couple who are looking to add to the love and joy we have in our life by starting a family a...

Clark & Kristin from Michigan

A cool summer breeze, a bird's call, a child's laugh, a walk in the park....these are simple things we enjoy! Life...liv...


Andrew & Brianna from Utah

We love vacations, playing sardines, laughing, and eating ice cream! How about you?


Aaron & Kimberly from Colorado

We are Aaron and Kimberly. We work hard, play hard, and treasure time together. We can’t wait to welcome you to our fa...



Lane & Mallory from Idaho

We are a holiday-loving, football-watching, camping family! We are hoping to expand our family through adoption!

Rosebelle & Frank from Virginia

Text 757-346-2525 24/7 Home Study Approved! Brothers looking for sibling.

Sachin & Shirin from New York

Family in NYC looking to adopt a 2nd child!

Wendy from New York

I have the best family in the world. I can't wait to add another member to it. Let's get to know each other

Zach & Megan from Utah

We are a happy, fun, loving family and can't wait to become parents!

Robyn & Jeff from Utah

We are a Star Wars loving, scuba diving, singing at the top of our lungs , muggle couple that love spending time with fa...

Guillermo & Dorthea from Texas

Geeky, smart, DIYer, homemaker wife + Geeky, engineer, DIYer, volunteer pastor husband + Many adopted children = happy

Dana & Jackie from New York

We are a loving couple hoping to adopt. We promise to support, encourage and love this child forever.

Charles & Ellen from California

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We promise you that in our family your baby would be deeply loved.

John & Nauni from Arizona

We are excited to love you and your baby! Adoption has been the most precious miracle in our lives!

Rachel from New York

Please take a moment to look at my profile. I am looking forward to sharing a life of love and adventure with a child.

Jeff from New Jersey

I'm ready to embrace fatherhood and welcome the handprint you and your child will leave on my heart!

Ian & Victoria from North Carolina

Love makes a family. We can't wait to welcome you and your baby into ours!

Garth & Jennifer from Michigan

We can't wait to start the next chapter in our family story!


Lauren & McClain from Utah

We are ready to love you and your child. We're excited for this next adventure!

Josh & Crissy from Mississippi

Mark & Megan from Michigan

Family…where life begins and love never ends.

Suzanne from New York

Hopeful first time mother looking to love unconditionally and fully. Thank you for your time to review my profile!

Blaine & Wendy from Washington

Following our hearts and you!

Scott & Katie from Arizona

For lots of love, playing outside, and cousins, click here.


Jeremy & Kara from Utah

We are both very excited to become parents so we can pass along all the fun things that we enjoy in life.


Rachel & Nathan from Arizona

Our daughter Leila came to us through the miracle of adoption and we are hoping to make her a big sister!! We are a fam...


Geoffrey & Carlos from New Jersey

And so, the adventure begins...

Jeron & Becky from Utah

We are a fun, active, and loving family! Can't wait to meet you!

Sandra & Derrick from Virginia

This is US!!

Douglas & Brooke from Utah

“They may not have my eyes, they may not have my smile, but they have all my heart.” Unknown


Thomas & Lindy from Virginia

We have a beautiful adopted son now and we hope to find him a new best friend sibling.

Becky & Cody from New York

We're a fun-loving couple and enjoy traveling, playing sports, and visiting family. We can't wait to adopt!

Erin from New York

I will love your child unconditionally, telling him/her "I love you" every single day

Sergio & Jack from New York

We promise to provide your child with a safe home, filled with encouragement and love. We value education, fitness, and ...

Edward & Gerald from New York

Every time you share our page or like a comment or post you are participating in our dream of becoming parents.

Sarah & Christian from Oregon

We’re naturally down to earth and a little bit whimsical.


Laura & John from Connecticut

We are so excited and ready for our next greatest adventure, sharing our lives and love with a child!

Chris & Malissa from Utah

Adoption means the world to us! We have so much fun and love to travel with our 2 girls! Can't wait to add another!!

Brenda & Russell from Minnesota

Thank you so much for considering us to be the family of your child.

Luke & Shannon from Oregon

We can't wait to be parents! To guide a little one into the person God created them to be.


Bryton & Makayla from Idaho

We would love to get to know you. Come say hi. :)

Kevin & Marcy from Connecticut

Family, love, laughter, & adventure await!

Valerie & Dwayne from Pennsylvania

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are eager to learn all about you and your journey as well!

Brett & Paige from Utah

Adoption has a very special place in our hearts. Please come learn more about our loving family!

Candace & Don from Texas

We believe that life is so very precious & everyday should be filled with family, love, laughter, gratitude & kindness.

Ginny & Josh from Texas

Adventurous, fun loving couple who can’t wait to share the joy of their lives with a child.


Gene & Tauna from North Carolina

Ready, Set, Go! We hope you will join with us on our newest adventure in life, a beautiful new addition to our hearts!

Katie & Ali from Connecticut

But your decision to have an adoption plan is an incredible gift. We plan on honoring that gift every chance we get.

Stephanie from Louisiana

It is with much honesty, humility, and gratitude that I write to you. My name is Stephanie. I am a doctor & not yet marr...

Kizzi & Kent from Oklahoma

We are honored to have this chance to introduce ourselves to you. We have the utmost respect and admiration for you.

Jackson & Erin from Oklahoma

We look forward to sharing the story of how strong and brave our child's birth mother is with them.

Maria & Christoph from Maryland

Christoph is from Germany and Maria is from Ecuador. We have brought our two cultures to the home and to the life we sha...

John & Cindy from Connecticut

We thank you for taking the time to read our story and for considering us.

Stan & Lindsay from Colorado

Our hearts are more than ready, and so open to this opportunity to love both you and your baby! We cannot wait!

Kate & Jay from Maine

Hello! We are a fun-loving, adventurousfamily of three, but we can't wait to become a family of four!

Jay & Stacey from New Jersey

Hi! We're Jay and Stacey. Thank you for taking time to take a look into our lives. We understand that this decision is o...

Rachel & Cody from New Mexico

We are so excited to become 1st time parents! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

John & Amy from Arkansas

From the day we met, we have looked forward to the day we could share our lives with a child and complete our family.

Bert & Shaniqua from Texas

First Came Love. Then Came Marriage. Waiting for baby and the baby carriage. Wanting to hear from you.

Cindy & Adam from New York

We are ready to give unconditional love to a child. Our hearts and arms are open.

Nina & JR from Texas

We have weird quirks, we make mistakes, we snort when we laugh and we try our best to live each day in a way that shows ...

Jenny & Richard from Texas

Our motto is: Family.....Perfectly Pieced Together by God!

Kimberly & Grant from Texas

We were both born and raised in Texas. We met 15 years ago, when we were in college. We both come from families that are...

Byron & Kari from Colorado

Hi, we are Kari & Byron. Thanks for taking the time to view our full profile.

Nick & Suzanne from Washington

They may not have my eyes, they may not have my smile, but they have all my heart.

Neema & Bimal from Florida

Neema and Bimal are ready to adopt.

Nick & Shauna from Utah

You know Superman was adopted, right? This family is ready to raise the next legendary superhero!

Layne & Jim from Texas

We are a fun-loving family with the desire to grow.

Amber & Jay from Texas

We're Jay & Amber. We love Jesus, family, being outdoors (especially on the water), our two dogs, and enjoying life.

David & Lan from Texas

We are David and Lan and have been married for almost 8 years. We have been blessed by the miracle of adoption with our ...

Brandon & Laura from Virginia

Hey, there. We’re Brandon and Laura. We’re excited to become parents and are bursting with love to give your little ...

Anthony & Breanne from Texas

Although we haven't met you yet, we feel like we already know you as we have prayed and thought of you so often.

Kim & David from Texas

We promise to always strive to provide a loving, stable home with lots of family and friends to surround him or her.

Rachel & Oscar from Texas

We are a fun, loving, Christian couple from large families. We would be so blessed to grow our family through Adoption w...

Tim & Tashina from Texas

Hi, we are Tashina and Tim. Thanks for taking a look at our profile to learn more about us.

Blake & Sara from Texas

We live a life of faith and love, with family and friends, and full of travel and adventure.

Eve & George from Texas

As a couple, we have always had the calling to adopt. Adoption has never been foreign to us.

Diana & Alejandro from Texas

We are Alejandro and Diana. We feel blessed to have this chance to start a family through the journey of the adoption.

Kylee & Chris from Texas

We are best friends and love doing life together. It’s the little things in life that give us the most joy.

Derek & Joelle from Louisiana

Hi, we are Derek and Joelle. Read our profile to learn more about us.

Ryan & Megan from Florida

Though we have never met, one thing we have in common is the desire to give your child the best life possible.

Michelle & John from Florida

Meet Michelle & John. Your baby will grow up in a warm, loving supporting home and will always receive UNCONDITIONAL L...

Sharene & Michael from Utah

Honest, loving and fun family looking to add a special person!

Claire & Clayton from Alabama

Life is an amazing journey with incredible ups and downs. Given the chance, we would like to walk this journey with you.

Jenn & Jason from Utah

Maria from Florida

Hi, my name is Maria and it is an honor to meet you, even if it's on paper/online to start.

Jessica & Peter from North Carolina

We hope this will serve as the beginning of a beautiful and eternal connection with you.

Kristin & Mark from Minnesota

We would love to hear or listen to your thoughts about the relationship you want to have going forward, and your dreams ...

Marcus & Tara from Texas

We hope that our story will give you a peek into our life, love, family, friends, and how we live our daily lives.

Michelle & David from Utah

I heard once that adoption is more like a marriage than a divorce; that has certainly been the case with our birth famil...

Kelly & Jennifer from District of Columbia

We're an adventurous couple who loves to travel. We are so excited to start a family and share all of these adventures.

Zac & Sarah from Texas

We have a large space in our hearts for another baby, and we are looking forward to welcoming a child into our family th...

Jaime & Kevin from New Jersey

We admire your selfless act in creating an adoption plan for your child. We are very excited to get to know you better!

Frank & Stacy from New Jersey

We want to show who we are, what we've done, where we've been, and what being a member of our family means.

Angela & Michael from Virginia

Ready to share our Blessing with your child. Loving family looking to provide a lifetime of love, excitement and advent...


Chris & Kristen from Colorado

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Scott & Ashley from Texas

We are ready to give our unconditional love to a second child and expand our family through the miracle of adoption agai...

Ben & Ashley from Virginia

We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you and give you a window into our lives.

Adam & Sonya from North Carolina

We’re Adam and Sonya! We have a crazy little family with one amazing son, Evan, and two fur babies, Harper and Neyland...

Richard & Kelly from Texas

Hi, we are Richard and Kelly. Thanks for reading our profile and we look forward to hearing from you.

Erin & David from Texas

We're David, Erin, & Harper. We love having fun together, holiday parties, big birthday bashes, dressing up & traveling!

Susie & Steve from Oklahoma

We're a family full of love & laughter. Our kiddos bring us so much joy and we're thrilled to be adopting!

Steven & Amanda from Louisiana

We know that you want the best possible life for your baby and we hope that we can be all you dream of for your child.

Amber & Max from Texas

We both believe in making sure our children are loved, supported, and know that they are truly loved by many individual...

Steve & Kristi from Louisiana

Hi, we are Kristi, Steve, and Noah. Thanks for taking a minute to view our profile to get to know us better.

Shannon & Brian from Texas

Becoming parents through adoption was a wonderful experience, so we are so excited to adopt again!

Ali & Rob from Pennsylvania

We are Ali and Rob, and we can't wait for a very special child to join our family.

Michael & Elena from Florida

Sweet family of 4! Please click on over to get to know us more!

Jason & Tressa from Michigan

We are a young hearted, Christian couple who are eager to be blessed with a child through adoption.

Patty & Tony from Texas

We marvel at the strength, courage and the love you have in your heart to pursue an adoption plan.

Carl & Paula from Arizona

We love life and each other, and can't wait to share that love with children.

Chelsea & Tyler from Washington

Adoption is such a beautiful thing and we can't wait to be a part of it!

Rust & Melissa from Texas

We are a warm and loving Christian household where family and friends are held dear.

Chris & Wendy from Virginia

We are a fun loving couple excited to start our newest adventure - becoming parents!

Darren & Raelyn from Utah

Whether chilin' with children, tremendous travel, or phenomenal photography - we have fantastic food, folks and fun.

Chris & Jes from Texas

Hello, we are Chris and Jes. Thank you so much for taking a moment to learn a little about us.

Jason & Carrie from Texas

We are happily married and only wish to share our lives with a child.

Kimberley & Jeremy from Texas

We've been partners, best friends and each other's everything for 14 years. We're excited for the next chapter.

Amy & Mike from Idaho

Happy little family seeks another brother or sister to join us on our adventures at home and abroad!

Margaret & Jason from Texas

We want to raise a child to have three essential things: happiness, good health, and to know he or she is loved by all o...

Lydia & Justin from Virginia

We admire you for your obvious strength and courage and wish you all the best as you explore adoption.

John & Saskia from Utah

We love spending time together in the mountains or working on our farm! We are excited to grow our family through adopti...


Ted & Sarah from Wisconsin

We have a lot of love in our home and a lot of love to give.


Grace & Barnaby from New York

A loving, happy and financially secure couple who are really ready to start a family!

Alyse & James from Utah

We are very excited for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to meeting you!

Nick & Jessica from Tennessee

We hope to raise a kind, thoughtful and generous child who believes in serving others and putting Christ and family firs...

Amy & Todd from Texas

Your decision will give us one of the greatest and most selfless gifts imaginable…the gift of a family.

Sarah & Scott from Texas

We are Scott and Sarah. We have a sweet and sassy six year old daughter Emma and a three year old fur baby, our dog Max.

Allison & Bryan from Texas

We are grateful for your decision to make an adoption plan; it is a testament to your love and care for your precious ch...

Gina & Alexander from New York

We cannot wait to be parents and give your child the opportunities and experiences we had growing up.

Margot & Chris from Oregon

We are so excited to adopt a baby and can't wait to hear from you!!! We are a loving, fun, adventurous family of 3.

James & Teresa from New Jersey

Jim & Teresa---Loving catholic couple looking to welcome a beautiful baby into our home and share in our family traditio...

Nicole & Garrett from Texas

We believe in love, faith and family as our top priorities and hope to instill this in our children.

Rob & Alexis from New York

Hello! We are Alexis and Rob. We are so excited to welcome a child into our family through adoption!

Eric & Elise from Utah

Meet a family of three adventurers: Eric, Elise, and Porter. They love to explore and create memories together!

Sean & Chelsea from Nevada

Thank you in advance for taking the time to get to know us better. We are so excited to begin our journey with you!

Casey & Deann from North Carolina

Hi, we are Casey and Deann. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We are praying for you.

Abigail & Nat from Texas

We are a family, and consider you to be a special part of our family. That is forever.

Taylor & Angie from Texas

We are Taylor and Angie, fun-loving, southern raised, nature lovers hoping to complete our little family.

Deanna & Kevin from Texas

From the time we began our life together, Kevin has openly discussed the bravery of his birth mom as he was adopted hims...

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