It’s one of those true stories that is more amazing than fiction. Saroo Brierley lived his first five years in India. One night, while scavenging for food with his older brother at a train station, he and his brother became separated and Saroo boarded a train that took him a thousand miles away. Saroo was taken into an orphanage and adopted to a family in Australia who raised him in love. But at age 36, Saroo used modern technology to find his Indian family.

Saroo’s mother, Fatima, never lost hope. She knew in her heart that Saroo was alive and that she would one day see him again. Yet, each day that passed took a little more life out of her. Broken hearted, she continued to function, always wishing to see her son. All the while, Saroo sent mental messages to Fatima to let her know he was ok. When at last, Saroo found his home town and his mother, and the reunion was glorious. Fatima looked into his eyes, saw the scar on his forehead and knew her son had returned. Saroo had forgotten his native language, so he needed an interpreter, but the kinship felt comfortable. Fatima prepared his favorite Indian food and Saroo ate it with zest, just like he did as a little boy.

For Fatima and Sue Brierley (Saroo’s adoptive mother) are grateful for each other. Saroo has been able to complete his journey of filling in the holes in his life. And all are grateful for the love of each other.

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