In 2005 Richard Cassada was arrested by Avon, New York police for sexual abuse of a minor. He is a registered Level 2 sex offender, yet somehow he and his wife have become foster parents. They are also the adoptive parents of three daughters. Their three children were taken out of their home and placed with Child Protective Services when, just this month, a 16-year-old girl came forward with charges against Cassada.

The developmentally disabled girl told an adult at her school that she and Cassada had sexual contact. The WHEC News team went to Cassada’s house in hope of finding anything that would answer the question: How can this happen? Cassada’s wife came to the door to issue the statement, “He didn’t do anything wrong.” An informed neighbor stated, “When I first moved here, and I found out he was a sex offender, I assumed he was labeled wrong because of the fact that he had foster kids.”

Police Chief Benedict also expressed his frustration with a system that could let a registered sex offender become a foster parent.

WHAM 13 in New York reports that although the two incidences were separated by nearly 10-years, in both cases, the girls were placed in the Cassada home by foster care. This is shocking given the fact that in New York State, registered sex offenders on parole are not even allowed to live near schools.

Currently in jail on $25,000 bail, Richard Cassada, age 60, is charged with rape of a female under the age of 17. The Genesee Sun will be on hand to report with more information as this case moves forward.