“FATHER UNKNOWN” is the true story of a man’s struggle to face an emptiness he carries inside. Disconnected from the people closest to him and haunted by the secrecy in his family, he records his desperate search for connection on a journey with the father he’s never truly known.

David Quint spent his lifetime obsessed with the fragments of the unspoken story of his father’s childhood at an orphanage. And on a trip with his father, Urban, back to Switzerland, David hoped to discover what had been hidden in a lifetime of silence. In returning to the past, what they discovered transformed their relationship and their entire family.

I had the pleasure of visiting with the Quints and learning about the two men whose very raw, tender journey has become an inspiring feature length film. In a series of 13 video interviews you’ll come to know and love these men and appreciate the gift they give in opening their lives to us.

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In this segment:  Urban and David went on the search to find Urban’s birth father. What their search revealed led to the creation of the film, FATHER UNKNOWN. What the search for the past didn’t reveal led to the creation of a wonderful relationship between the two men.