Christopher Burton was adopted and had no knowledge of his biological family. He’d always had a slight curiosity, but having grown up in a loving family, there was never the longing to find his roots.

As an adult he was given the opportunity to have his DNA tested. Being curious of his heritage, he agreed and found he was of Scandinavian descent. But the next step –- looking on the registry of others who had completed the DNA testing — he was shocked to find a 99% match. Excitement filled the room when Christopher reached out to make contact with this biological match. The DNA testing led to Christopher finding his half brother and his birth mother. A longing that Christopher never knew he had was filled with gratitude and peace when he spoke with his birth mother. He knew he was deeply loved and that it was love that propelled his birth mother to place him with his parents.

Christopher and his birth mother spoke about adoption and family. He got hoped-for information about his birth father and then began that search. What he found was astounding. He located his birth father who had family preparing to travel to Utah, Christopher’s home state. A meeting was set up and much to everyone’s delight and surprise, the family members meeting up with Christopher were friends with whom he had served 20 years earlier. Christopher is a returned Mormon missionary, having served in the city where his birth father’s family lives. He knows it was not a coincidence that he was called to serve in a place where he would connect with his biological family.

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