I have been searching for my son since I was 18 years old. I placed him for adoption when he was just shy of a year because I was not capable, at the time, of taking care of him. I wanted Joey to have a chance at life, an education, and parents who would love him and provide for him 100% and give him everything I could not.

I found Joey on Myspace, back in 2011 but didn’t get any response when I reached out to him. I then wrote to his address where he lived growing up, and I still got no response after sending three letters. I looked on Facebook many times and could not find him until November of 2012. His account was set on private, which is why I could not find him.

On January 3, got a call from a man asking if Annette was there. I said yes, and he said, “This is Joey, your birth son!” I’d finally found my son! We must have talked for hours. The next day, my husband and I drove to Redding, CA and met Joey for the first time. It was an experience I will never forget! We brought Joey and his fiancee, Heather, to our home, where he stayed and visited for a couple of days, meeting the family and just enjoying our time together. Joey then decided he wanted to move closer to us. Two days later, he had an apartment and job here in my town. Now, he’s just as happy as can be!

I have talked to his adopted sister and mom. They were both very kind and accepting that we had found each other. I am so thankful to my friend Carol and many others for their help and support in locating my son. I do hope that everyone who is looking finds their loved ones and has such an amazing experience as we have!