Her world was a sand castle

Against the sea.

She gave him life

And time stood

Still and bittersweet.

Tears decorated her face

As she placed him—

Her world a sand castle

Against the sea.

And she wondered,

While time flowed

Next to her tears

Standing still.

The beauty of poetry is that it can mean something different to each person who reads it. Poetry has the power to connect the rhythm of words to the rhythm of feelings and memories. Some memories remain clear, and some feelings don’t fade.

Many birth mothers may relate to the image of a majestic sand castle sitting on a sea shore when they picture their precious baby being born. Likely, it was as treasured a moment as any king’s gold could be. Giving life is a selfless decision, as is placing a child in a certain kind of life.

Tears deserve to be viewed as a beauty or “decoration”, rather than as a shame or fault. They are a symbol of love and the courageous sacrifice of a mother who knows her treasured baby is going to be carried away from her like a sand castle being carried away by the ocean.

It’s very normal for mothers to wonder about “what if” scenarios and to have all sorts of other rushing thoughts after placement. Mothers need a lot of extra love and support then because time might feel like it’s racing away from them. They may find themselves dwelling on those few bittersweet moments with their baby. Let them remember, and celebrate the memory of those precious moments with them.