When one visualizes angels, typically they conjure up images of clouds and heaven. But we as people can also be angels for others by providing help and assistance when others are in need. That is the role a Search Angel plays in the life of someone searching for a birth family member. 

Search Angels are a group of people who volunteer their time to help people who are adopted find information about their biological family, according to a local news article. These volunteers are passionate about adoption and usually have some sort of connection to adoption, whether they were adopted themselves or have a loved one who was.

One of these angels is Heather Madrone. She has helped more than 100 people in their search for biological family members. She recently helped a 73-year-old Bob MacNish find his 95-year-old biological mother. Heather stated she was thrilled when she found out that the biological mother was still alive and that she was able to assist in their reunion. She said that this was one of her favorite searches and felt a close connection with Bob. Heather donated 40 hours of her time helping him complete his search.

These search angels spend their own time researching using many different sources. These sources could include evaluating the results of genetic testing with information on genealogy websites; contacting adoption agencies; and scouring newspaper archives, census records, school yearbooks, social media, online adoption registries, and more.

Many search angels can be found online, through adoption support groups or forums. Local agencies may also be able to provide information about local search angels.

Once the information is found, the searcher decides how to proceed with any contact. People who were adopted search for a variety of reasons, including a desire to gain more information about their medical history, interest in the personality and characteristics of their biological family members, and a desire to thank their birth parents for choosing adoption for them.