We spent ten months trying to make an organic connection through family and friends but did not show our profile once. An attorney mentioned Adoption.com Parent Profiles, so we decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks, we were matched! We spent time with the birth mother and even attended the birth! Unfortunately, she decided to parent. This was devastating, but looking back we feel we probably should have helped her to get counseling in preparation for the emotions she would be facing.

After re-grouping, we decided to post our profile again on Parent Profiles. About one week later, we had another match! This was the woman who would give birth to our son. We were able to attend doctor’s visits with her and be in the room during delivery. We enjoy a great open adoption relationship with her and have made several visits to her hometown. We are extremely blessed with our son and couldn’t be happier. We are ready to adopt again and hope Parent Profiles can help us build our family through another adoption!