The Shanghai List reported this week on Kong Zhenlan, a 67-year-old woman who has loved and cared for and inspired 40 children in the last 40 years. The youngest child she brought into her home was just one month old.

Kong, herself, is disabled, with a back that creates physical problems. Because of this disability, she legally cannot adopt more than three children. But to her, all 40 of the foster children are hers. They consider themselves her adopted children as well. Because she cannot legally adopt the children she does not receive any government subsidy for taking them in. Yet she continues to do so.

People who know Kong or know of her situation and her cause step in to help wherever they can. Many donate clothing for her family.

Most of the children she has taken in have been abandoned because of physical or mental disabilities. And yet, as they have reached adulthood, many have been able to support themselves. Six of her “adopted” children have gotten into college, two into technical schools, and others have become more healthy and are in careers.

Pictures and the full story about this amazing woman may be read here.