Reality television shows are becoming more and more popular. One show that continues to increase in popularity is The Voice. It is a show where singers audition and initially get judged solely by their voices, the judges’ back’s turned.  If selected, they become a team member under the guidance of one of the four judges. It is a great stepping stone for the many whose dream is to be a professional singer.

One of the dreamers on the show was contestant Sharane Calister. She made it to the top 12 in the latest season of The Voice before she was unfortunately eliminated. While her dream is to pursue her singing career, make an album, and even tour, Sharane wants her legacy to be more than that. She not only wants to be known for her singing, but also for her work and contribution to the Purple Project, an organization that works with children aging out of foster care.

Sharane shared on The Voice that she and her twin sister were raised by their grandmother until they were six years old when their grandmother became too ill to care for them. The sisters were then placed in foster care and later adopted by two different families. The two later reconnected in high school when they were in the same choir.

Because of her experience, Sharane was asked to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Purple Project Foster Care Conference. Sharane was very excited about this opportunity. She stated, “it’s a great opportunity to speak to these kids who went through the exact same thing that I went through. And the fact that I get to actually go up there and talk to them and let them know, you’re not alone, is really amazing. So it’s a great, great, great organization.”

The future is very bright for Sharane. With upcoming ventures in her music career as well as her motivation to give with the Purple Project, there will be a lot to see from Sharane in the future.