Show Your Child’s Birth Parents Some Love

5 Easy and Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Kenna Shumway May 06, 2014

Sometimes thinking of a thoughtful gift for your child’s birth parents can feel overwhelming.  How can you possibly pick something that would convey your love as well as your child’s love? I’ve sat in my office ruminating over this many times. After a few years of being the mama of an adorable ginger son who was loving placed into our arms, I have come up with a list of five go-to gifts that are both thoughtful and easy.

Groovebook Photo Book
1. Groovebook Photo Book

I discovered this while watching Shark Tank a few weeks ago. It's genius and perfect for sending a book of recent photos to your child's birth parents! The Groovebook app is available for the iPhone and Android devices, and once downloaded you can upload 100 photos per month from your smartphone. At the end of the month, those photos are printed in an adorable book and mailed to your home. I have them sent to my home and then I send the book along with a few other goodies directly to my son's birth mother. The price is only $2.99 per month and well worth it!

Charmed Collections Piece
2. Charmed Collections Piece

After we were placed with our son, I wanted to give his birth mother a simple piece of jewelry. Charmed Collections, as well as other shops on Etsy, have beautiful pieces for birth mothers and birth fathers. From necklaces and bracelets, to prints and dog tags, there is something for every birth parent. It is a beautiful way to show your love and give them something subtle to remember that love.

USB Flash Drive
3. USB Flash Drive

This is an easy way to send a large number of photos to your child's birth parents. It can be hard to print off the hundreds of photos from cameras and smartphones for your child's birth parents to see. A much simpler way is choosing a fun USB flash drive and uploading all the photos from that month, year, or special occasion. Your child's birth parents can then see all the adorable moments and pick what they would like to print. If your child is old enough, have them pick out the USB flash drive!

Encouraging & Uplifting Framed Print
4. Encouraging & Uplifting Framed Print

A framed print is great way to help and encourage your child's birth parents as well as to remind them how much they are loved. A simple quote or favorite mantra is the perfect place to start. There are even adoption prints available online that you can use!

Blurb Instagram Book
5. Blurb Instagram Book

Instagram is such an easy way to share photos, and Blurb has made it possible to place those photos into an adorable 5x5 book. You can pick your favorite moments from your kiddo's every day life and create a thoughtful picture book for your child's birth parents. This allows your child's birth parents a glimpse into your child's everyday life. Such a fun way to show the spontaneous moments in photos!

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Kenna Shumway

Wife. Adoptive mom. Writer. Photographer. Endometriosis survivor, infertility warrior & adoption advocate. Rock star on weekends. Currently calls Ohio home with her pharmacist husband and their ginger son. Read more from her on her blog.

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