One-year-old Eric Cowell, the child of Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman, enjoys the playful attention of his famous parents. He is also the sole heir of the over $300 million that his music mogul father has worked hard to earn. “I’m aware Eric could become a brat,” says his father.  And so to combat that tendency to become a spoiled rich kid, Simon and Lauren are careful to teach Eric manners. And with their careful parenting, Simon and Lauren expect that Eric will also learn the value of money as well as the value of hard work. “I’ll teach him the value of money.  That’s what my mum and dad did with me. When they paid for holidays we had to earn our own spending money. When I was about eight I used to clean cars and mow lawns and I used to love it. I do think it is important that you earn your own money. I had that instilled in me and Eric will have the same,” Simon told Yahoo! Celebrity recently.

But the parental concern is not just money. In addition to teaching Eric manners, they are making it a priority to teach him to be kind to animals. That kindness will carry through to how he treats his future siblings. Although Simon has mentioned to the media that he is “keen” on having more biological children, he has also been influenced by his close friend, Sinitta and her adopted children.  Magdalena, 9, and Zac, 8, were adopted by Sinitta and her ex-husband about six years ago. They all have a very close relationship with Simon, who enjoys their company and thinks they are adorable. This relationship has led to discussion with his girlfriend and mother of his son, Lauren, as to how they will grow their family.

Fatherhood has softened the abrasive television star. Pictures he posts on social media sites with his son show a carefree, loving father who is clearly enjoying life’s special moments. It was in an interview with The Daily Star that Simon Cowell revealed, “Myself and Lauren want to have more children of our own but we could adopt as well. I wouldn’t rule out it happening.  It’s a good idea.”

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