Victor Sine, 25, and Julianne Payne, 22, grew up within a few minutes of each other in California.  But it wasn’t until they finally met over Tinder in Utah that they discovered true love. Their love is leading up to a May wedding, but their expectations are that little Addie (Julianne’s daughter) will officially become Victor’s daughter through adoption.  Addie’s biological father has been absent from her life and is also in support of the adoption.

“Vic” and “Jules,” as they’re known to each other, became instantly known to thousands of people when they followed their nerdy tendencies and dressed up as the Star Wars characters Finn and Rey.  Addie joined in on the photo shoot as BB-8 and she cooperated so well that anyone would think she is actually the real deal! The fun photos from the photo shoot have gone viral and the happy family is hoping that fans will consider contributing to their GoFundMe account to help pay for Addie’s adoption.

Julianne has been a single mother to Addie for a year now and she is overjoyed at the prospect of giving her a stable home with a loving father and mother. Julianne is also a birth mother to a little boy she placed for adoption. She wanted what was best for him—and that meant finding a mother and father who could provide for him in every way they could. And she wants that for Addie, too. Victor entering their lives when Addie was just 3 months old has been an answer to Julianne’s greatest hopes and desires—for herself, and for Addie. They are preparing for adoption. “We want her to have a secure household where she is loved equally by her mother and father,” Julianne stated on her GoFundMe page, adding that every little bit helps in the expensive experience of adoption.