HOLY SCHMOLY!  Starbucks has amped it up and anyone who is even thinking of becoming a parent and looking for employment should take a look at this parent-friendly chain. Going beyond basic expectations, Starbucks now offers to mothers (who work in their stores) who give birth a full 100% pay for six full weeks. Not only that, they can continue to take time off. 12 ADDITIONAL weeks to be exact, without pay.

Then, welcome back to your job! It’s there and waiting for you. Generous? Absolutely. Because non-birth parents are also offered those 12 weeks, that’s for partners, adoptive parents and even FOSTER PARENTS. And guess what? You don’t have to be a full-time employee to be taken care of this way. For employees who work at least 20-hours per week, they get this benefit.

Not to upstage what I just told you, but non-store Starbucks employees have an even sweeter deal. Birth mothers get the same amount of time off, but ALL 18 weeks they will receive full pay! Not a birth parent, but still a new parent? You get 12 weeks paid time off. Sheesh! Makes me want to work at Starbucks!

Now, maybe we can use Starbucks as the example of what EVERY employer should offer, rather than as the exception. Consider taking this story and sharing it every place you can think of – social media, emails, maybe even include it in a memo to your boss. Let’s get upper-management and business owners all on the same page, so we can focus on raising the next generation!

You can read the full story of Starbucks and their amazing new parental benefits here.