8 Stigmas Surrounding Adoption And Why They Are Not True

The realities tend to be different than the stigmas associated with adoption.

Chelse Schults January 06, 2017

When you start looking into adoption, you are faced with a ton of information. Some is good, some is bad, and some is new. One of the first things you will start to notice are the stigmas surrounding adoption. You will also get the privilege of working through your own adoption stigmas. Here are eight common adoption stigmas that I have encountered. With the realities.

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Chelse Schults

Chelse is passionate about empowering herself and other women to live their best life. She does this with her fashion marketing company built with her husband. Fitness goals, running marathons, and circuit training at 4:30am support her love of coffee. Keep up with her on Adopt Mom Style where she shares her stylish adventures about motherhood via adoption and foster care.

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