Stephanie and Eric Evans always planned on a large family that would include adoption. Having grown up with adopted cousins and having participated in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program in his state, Eric has always been aware of the need for loving adoptive families. He has never been intimidated by the idea of adoption.

In 2010 he and his wife began exploring adoption options. They looked at domestic and international adoption opportunities, agencies, and private adoption. During their research and the time they were beginning paperwork to adopt from China, Stephanie and Eric had a biological child, Hudson. While their paperwork was in progress to adopt a healthy Chinese child — and their waiting period had begun — they were blessed with the gift of domestic adoption as little Nathan joined their family.

About that time, as the couple realized they had the resources to care for a special needs child, they changed their paperwork and their request. They decided to adopt from the Waiting Children group. It wasn’t long before they were matched with the two-year-old, Chengrong Min. Little Min was born with a congenital deformity that affects the outer ear. It simply didn’t develop all the way.

And so, while Stephanie cared for the two boys at home, Eric and a close friend left for China to meet Min, whom they would name Cameron. The Evans family would tell you that Cameron fits right in, and according to his interview with El Paso Inc., Eric states, “[We] cannot wait to see what kind of a man he becomes. After all … superman was adopted too.”

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