It is a uniquely unselfish act for a birth mother to place her baby for adoption. No one can quite understand the emotions involved unless she has had the same experience.

Teen birth mother, Kaleena Pysher, is taking unselfishness a step further. When she made the choice to place her child, and when she had selected the parents, she asked for an open adoption. Then she decided that for the few days she’d have the baby with her, she wanted to breast feed her to give her a good nutritional start to life.

The “gifts” from this teen birth mother did not stop there. Her next gift:  She told the adoptive parents that she wanted to provide breast milk for her baby for the first few months of life.

Amazingly, this young, teen birth mother has been pumping milk several times a day and shipping it to the parents. She’s been so successful that there has been an excess of milk, which Kaleena is donating to the local neonatal intensive care unit.

The adoptive family is as grateful for the open adoption as Kaleena is. With regular FaceTime visits, they’ve assured Kaleena that she is now part of their family. They belong together.

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