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Matt and Janae from Alaska

Laurie Williams April 07, 2014
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Naturally Matt and Janae were disappointed when they learned they would not become parents the traditional way, but because they had many family members and friends who had adopted, adoption felt like a perfectly natural choice. They started the process of paperwork, physicals, background checks and parenting classes in 2011, finally activating a profile with their agency in December of that year.

They later learned about Parent Profiles from family members who had made an adoption connection through Parent Profiles. They decided to give it a try. The months marched on and they had many contacts, but it wasn’t until September 2012 that the perfect fit emerged. After weeks of conversation, the match was made and the official countdown to baby began.

Matt and Janae flew to be with their son’s birth mother the week before the due date. They shopped together, took walks together, shopped and walked together some more, hoping to get that baby here. On the morning of January 28, 2013 they picked their son’s birth mother up for a doctor’s appointment. She was already having contractions and things were progressing fast. He was born just 7 minutes after they arrived at the hospital!

“The best thing about this whole process,” wrote Janae, “is that we were able to start our family! Without the help of Parent Profiles, our son’s birth mother would not have found us and we would not have the cutest kid in the entire world!!”

Watch here to see that cute little man in action.

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Laurie Williams

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