The 6 International Adoption Blogs You Need To Follow

You need these blogs in your life if you're trying to adopt internationally.

Jennifer Galan March 20, 2017

A while back I wrote an article about some amazing advocacy work volunteers with Children’s House International: China were doing. Six months later, most of those kids have found their forever homes, and I have become addicted to reading international adoption blogs. I asked around and got some recommendations to add to my feed. Check them out and see if any of these are on your radar!

The Full Plate
1. The Full Plate

FullPlateMom has eleven kids and is currently in the process of adopting from Columbia. I really appreciate her straight-shooting nature and her desire to document both the inspirational AND the frustrating. (Also they just took the kids to Disney World and I think that is crazy-pants/medal-worthy because I have four kids and Disney World almost killed me.)

Jen Hatmaker
2. Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is an oldie, (in blog terms, not in age—I think she is younger than me) but a goodie. I started following her family’s adoption journey years ago with the release of her book, Seven. The kids have been home for a while, and she has become a crusader for ethical adoption practices and delicious, delicious sandwiches. (Basically I came for the babies, and I stayed for the sandwiches.)

Seriously Blessed
3. Seriously Blessed

This blog chronicles Lisa’s family, which includes sixteen children, some bio and some adopted. I love that she declares, “we will never be empty nesters.” (I am currently in the stage where I dream of an empty nest for even two hours, so her blog gives me some perspective.)

Mine in China
4. Mine in China

Everyone I asked reads Mine in China. Kelly Mayfield is basically the China adoption guru for so many families considering an international adoption. She alternates between personal and informative posts and really gets into the nitty-gritty regarding paperwork, travel, home studies, all the stuff you want to know.

Ordinary Time
5. Ordinary Time

J and E blog about their family of twelve, plus homeschooling. I love her fire and passion for inclusivity and the way she incorporates special-needs advocacy into her blog.

Livesay Haiti
6. Livesay Haiti

Troy and Tara work with Heartline Ministries in Haiti and work to keep families together. They write about justice and adoption and families and medicine and all of the things that make my heart happy. I can’t believe I have lived without this blog for as long as I have.

Bonus: Red Thread Cousins
7. Bonus: Red Thread Cousins

Remember Rebecca, that CHI advocate who wanted to help others find their forever families through special-needs orphanages in China? Turns out both she AND her sister Melissa needed to add to their families this way. I am seriously squealing with joy every time they post an update about JB and Wrylie, who will be coming home (hopefully) by December of this year.

Do you read adoption blogs? What ones would you recommend? Share with us in the comments!

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Jennifer Galan

Jennifer Galan mothers four kids (one adopted, three biological) all while living the nomadic life of a military wife. She is a strong advocate for open adoptions, education reform, feminism, kindness, and naps. Mostly naps. Her favorite Doctor is number ten, and she is a proud Ravenclaw.

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