To my precious daughters:

The  doctor says I’m ready to pop. And boy, does Momma feel like it!

There are a few important things I want you to know before Daddy and I rush to the hospital to SKUSTER 1welcome your little sister into the world.

Even though we didn’t have this same rush to the hospital to give birth to you like we will with your sister, we love you just the same.

And even though I didn’t spend hours crying in labor pains through contractions at the hospital—even though I didn’t watch you enter the world and take your first breath—I did spend hours crying with each of your beautiful birth mommas about their hopes and dreams for you. And I felt my heart explode when I watched you enter our world as you were each placed in my arms for the first time.

And I love you just the same.

All three of you—our precious daughters—are miracles who are equally wanted and welcomed into our family.

Though you’ve come to us in different ways, you were meant to be part of our family, and we love you all the same.

My hope and prayer in the coming years is simple:

May you always remember that while our family doesn’t share the same genetics or stories—while we’re a unique blend of skin colors and personalities and family histories—the love we share is unbreakable. The bond we have is special and unique. And our family is beautiful.

We are a family built and sustained with love.




Photos: Tess Irene Photography