I wasn’t born yet, but still…I feel love for my brother, Jessie.

My mom was young and had a problem that prevented her from being able to keep both of her two kids. But I tell you—she misses Jessie Ray every single day of her life.

Jessie Ray’s birthday is a special day. None of us work or answer the phone that day. We bake a cake for him. Although I don’t know him because I am only 15 and my brother is 19, I still miss him and love him with all my heart. I’m always waiting for the day when we’ll get that call saying our brother and son wants to see us.

My grandmother is sick. I want Jessie to know her—to know the wonderful person she is before it’s too late. We’ve tried every way we know, but we can’t seem to find him.

Jessie is out there somewhere. I dream of the day when I’ll see his face and we’ll all cry with delight.

Jessie Ray,

I just hope that day will come before it’s too late. I know you’re out there; I can’t do any more than what I’ve already done. It’s up to you now, Jessie.

We all miss and love you and we can’t wait for the day when we see your smiling face! We often look at the two pictures we have of you. We’ve imagined all these years are what you’re like now.

I love you, Jessie Ray! And someday, I promise you we will meet! My dreams and Mom’s dreams will come true. Your older brother, Mark—your younger brother, Josh—all of us—we can’t wait to see you! You have a family that’s full of love and laughter, Jessie. And you are my brother.

I have no idea when the day will come, but I know that someday, someone will call and say you’re ready for us. Until the day when your smile fills our room, and our family is complete again, I’ll continue to dream my 15-year-old dream.

I love you, Jessie Ray!

Love, your sister Stephani